Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Menghai 7542 1999 (Sampan Tea Ebay)

The Royal Mail has been scuppering my enjoyment of tea recently by refusing to deliver anything I had ordered. Some how everything else was arriving except my tea, perhaps there is a pu erh sipping postie in Warwick?

Finally though something did creep through and I'm excited about it. This was the first of my various 7452's to arrive and being from 1999, somewhat older than a lot of teas I usually drink.

Gave it a rinse and a sniff, lots of peat! It doesn't take more than one infusion for the leaves to separate and the dark wood to come out in the soup. It's all about the wood as I'm taken back to my youth in Hong Kong. Drinking bo lei in Hong Kong though didn't give me such a sweet huigan, wow...

What a fantastic tea.. It has plenty of maturity and depth but still such sweetness comes out of nowhere..

I have been troubled with the amount of bottled water I have been going through. One positive is that I'm recycling them all and by taking them out of work at least I'm getting those bottles back into the system. It still troubles me though to see so much plastic. My solution is to switch to bamboo charcoal filtering. No plastic waste, road miles in delivery, cheaper and ecologically sound as well, consider it.


  1. I have some bamboo charcoal too but I haven't been using it lately. Maybe I'll start again. The problem is the water here in Minnesota has a lot of minerals in it and with the bamboo charcoal it could be overload. But it does improve some teas.

  2. I was just feeling so guilty having so much plastic waste even though I was recycling it all. The local water here isn't up to much so the bamboo does make it a turn for the better.