Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Master Xu's Rou Gui

Nutty and sweet in aroma, a thoroughly enjoyable tea..

.. short and sweet, there's something about yancha I can't really grasp!


  1. Much easier on the palate than the Bulang in your last post!

  2. Much easier indeed! If I were to drink tea with a family member whom I wanted to impress upon them of my hobby for sure a decent yancha like this would be the tipple of choice.

    The Bulang is very very scary, and it's sitting away in a quite spot to calm it's temper.

    Thanks for reading my little blog.

    (I do admit some artistic license with the picture, the herb in the foreground is in fact, gui zhi, not rou gui. Not quite the same in medicinal terms.)

  3. I forgot to mention, I am glad you have started posting more. I have read through your blog and I thought you had quit for a while.
    Glad you're back! It is always an enjoyable read!

  4. Dont flatter me too much! It's just the musings of someone who likes tea quite a bit more than the average man but is certainly no authority on the subject.

    I probably won't write too much as I dont feel like ordering new samples just to feed this blog. I certainly have a lot of tea I am in no hurry drink!

    I have a trip to somewhere special later this month though, lets see what that might bring.. ;-)