Thursday, 27 August 2009

Wàn Gŭ (Wrist Bone)

Small Intestine 4
Wàn Gŭ (Wrist Bone)
Yuan source point
2 to 5 fen
3 to 7 moxa

In between the 5th metacarpal and the hamate bone.

As part of my blog I will be listing out points seemingly at random but mainly just to jog my memory. I will hesitate to list any information about their TCM use as a point sticking to their basic 五行 wuxing use.

Although I will be embarking on TCM based herbal methodology soon I am trying to separate the use of herbs to treat symptoms from the use of needling to perform energetic transfer.

Herbs for symptoms, needles for 5 element energetic balance.

This seems to be a good approach considering that herbs are diagnosed by pulse qualities and cross referenced to the tongue. Energetic transfer is planned by the relative strengths of each Official's pulse, not the pulse quality. I am not a subscriber to the 'Spirit of the Point' so much at the moment and I am very much a disbeliever in 'intention' changing the effect of the point. To me, the point does what the point does and by stimulating it you active that desired effect. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't have good intention when treating and needling, that is also necessary to be a good practitioner as your intention to do good will improve the way to handle the patient.

腕骨 isn't the most exciting point to start with but it's a nice simple start. Perhaps next time I'll remember it was the source point!

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