Monday, 7 September 2009

Hòu Xī (Back Stream)

Small Intestine 3
Hòu Xī (Back Stream)
Wood point
     This makes is a tonification point (木生火)
2 to 5 fen
3 to 7 moxa

Just proximal to the metocarpal-phalangeal joint of the fifth digit

Just going through points in my head I struggled to recall what was the element association of this point. I had forgotten the simple sheng 生 cycle of the points. As its a yang meridian the most distal point starts as a jīn 金 metal point. Following the 生 cycle  the next point is 水, then 木, then 原 source, 火 and the sixth point of the Small Intestine meridian is an accumulation point. SI7 is the junction point with last of the command point being 土.

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