Monday, 14 September 2009

2006 Tongxing Hao VS 0904 American Hao

Sounds like a 1970's kung fu flick in the title!
I was kind of naffed off yesterday by drinking some tea whilst my seven year old son ran riot in the house, what a mistake! Instead of enjoying my tea and relaxing I seemed to spend my time 'trying' to enjoy my tea and becoming agitated by the distraction. Not healthy for me or beneficial to my son.
This morning I have had a chance to do some drinking in solitude and enjoy my brews. Is it pure chance that my tea tastes just so much better today? I started with a strong favourite of mine, the American Hao 0904 by Pu Erh Shop. It's such a nice tea and very green, just how I like it. I just love it but I'm not sure I love it enough to pay the $46 asking price (plus postage!). Is it $36 better than the 0901? Or 4.6 times better? hmmm... Love it though!
I thought I'd try another tea of mine too, one that didn't capture my imagination like my Nadacha samples, Banzhang teas or American Hao's. I wasn't expecting much from it but it also was a nice tipple. Older and darker, more rounded and more reminiscent of my original perception of Pu Erh.
I lack the vocabulary to describe my experiences yet. If I pick up a taste I'll just say it straight, like leather, grass, plum, apricot and even beetroot! More important though is that I enjoy my tea drinking and this morning was just such a thing. Lesson learnt, drink tea when you are able to enjoy it without distraction!

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