Friday, 22 January 2010

2007 Fall Harvest Yiwu Zheng Shan Qiao Mu (Sampan Tea)

I bought a sample of this tea at the same time as the Yiwu Gao Shan I reviewed a little while ago and this morning upon rising I finally got around to trying it, call it a pre breakfast treat.

The yixing holding the freshly brewed leaf released it's vapours of light tobacco, honey and something most like brambles. It doesn't fill the nose too quickly and allows for deep inhalations. A quick look through the open lid and the leaves seem very solid with immensely thick stalks, something I recall from the Gao Shan, which is unsurprising since they are picked by the same minority. Perhaps the material collected is from the exact same source but with this tea being picked in the fall.

The soup itself though holds no surprises, it's characteristics go hand in hand with the aroma. It's sweet like honey with mild tobacco, lightly floral. It doesn't take long for me to desire more from my early morning tea kick so I increase the duration of each steep considerably but it seems that it's nearly impossible push the five grams of leaf too far.

Yet again I'm faced with a tea whose leaf really looks the business but falls short in potency, it's such a shame. Having said that, it's a really inexpensive tea coming in at about £22 per bing. Sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised by a budget tea, often though it's just a fair reflection of the price.

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