Friday, 8 January 2010

2009 Favourite Tipples!

Well, after my first calendar year blogging here are my favourite teas from 2009 :

1. '99 Menghai 7542 (Sampan Tea)
2. '03 Menghai Wild Yiwu (Jing Tea)
3. Da Hong Pao Supreme (Jing Tea)
4. '09 Nada Bulang (Nada)

I couldn't make my mind up for a fifth place so I'll leave it like that. The '99 7542 is just what I like, a great balance of age with an enduring sweet huigan. I admit it's not an exotic choice of tea, it's a 7542, it's like a gun fanatic awarding his favourite pistol of all time to the Colt 45.

But I like what I like!


  1. That is a good list indeed, though I did not try 1-2 (possibly not 3), but the Menghai from the 90's of basically any recipe number provided it was stored decently is great in my book.

    And "Jing Tea" as in Jing Tea in the UK or as in Jing Tea Shop?

    And this year I am going to have to try and save my tea budget prior to the release of Nada's cakes just to ensure I get at least 1 of each, and not rely on just the sampler.

  2. Oh, that was Jing Tea UK, good teas but the prices are too high.

    I too will be jumping on the chance to buy Nada's bings this year instead of samples. I miss my bulang now it's gone, it was barely drinkable as it was just so so bitter but it had great potential.

    I did break out the '99 7542 yesterday again to enrich my day.. I'll miss that tea when it's gone too!

  3. Sampan's '99 7542 tops your list? You must be a fan of wet-storage, my friend.* I'm surprised you didn't mention its cha really calmed me down and left me with a sweaty back and palms!

    *also a fan of wet-storage

  4. Perhaps my Hong Kong upbringing clouds my taste buds towards wet storage?

    Oh and don't be surprised if I miss out huge chunks of information in my blogging! I'm just a simple guy that writes this stuff for his own amusement. I'm just along for the ride.. ;-)