Tuesday, 26 January 2010

2007 Menghai 7542 vs Menghai 8582

Get two stock sheng pu erh, in this case Menghai's 7542 and 8582, then brew them in gaiwan and drink!

On the left is the 8582 and the orange hue says everything. The leaf was brown, the aroma was molasses with some camphor, the soup was sweet tobacco and sandalwood. The 7542 is on the right, the leaf is more olive with stalks, some legume in the aroma, yellow soup with a liquorice finish.

The flavour of the 8582 outlasted the 7542 noticeably but even though the 7542 lost it's legs it stick hung onto its huigan. I was really surprised to see just how oxidised and orange the '85 was, seriously processed which is a great shame.

Neither tea was particularly outstanding though in any department so I think I'll put them at the bottom of the pile to age. I have much higher hopes for the 7542 though in the years to come.


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  2. I can recommend starting off having tea in Teasmith which is in London's E1 district or perhaps popping by Postcard Teas in the west end. Happy hunting!

  3. I think I need to get another gaiwan, so I can do side by side comparisons... I have three gaiwans but they are all different sizes, so I know for a fact that they will hold heat substantially different, which probably makes much more of a difference then being slightly off in leaf to water ratio.

    I believe with my 2008/9 Menghai cakes I was rather surprised at how orange they were for being so young. I hope they buck this trend of initial processing.