Friday, 22 January 2010

I've always liked a bit of heavy metal

I've had a bit of bad luck recently with having, not one, but two glass kettles crack on me. Although being supposedly made for induction heaters and that my own induction heater being rather tame in nature both lasted no longer than a couple of weeks. Having a quantity of water pour out upon an electric stove is no joke either.

Lesson learnt, don't buy glassware like that from China.

So, plan B, I was walking by my local tea shop here in Warwick and I thought to myself, why not buy an iron pot? I had a little look at what was on offer and this particular one appealed to me despite looking like a over engineered iron frisbee!

The design itself does have a drawback as if you fill it up too much the boiling water tends to leap for freedom out of the spout but it has character and I like that. Compared to my glass kettles the iron holds heat a lot better and I am able reduce the amount of times I need to reboil the water during a session.

Let's hope I don't break this one.

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